Lights and shadows in winter sunsets

During the winter the low and transverse light of those few minutes before sunset is a moment of great impact. But for our black and white, that situation is really difficult to manage.

It’s a dense, extremely strong light. It does not necessarily close the blacks and does not even burn the whites; but it is as if the whites and blacks and greys were filled up to their maximum power.

It is essential to calibrate the light perfectly, the detail must remain legible. There is no middle ground, no way to dampen the effect in a localized way, especially when shadows and lights, black and white are stuck together, as in this photograph.

In such cases, and once again, clouds can come to our aid. Knowing how to wait for the formation of an element that fills the part of the sky to complete the photograph, like a light cirrus in the shape of a feather, it will create a general harmony and visually lighten that effect I described above.

Finally, a light ND filtration to the upper part of the sky (composition) will lead it to the powerful and full dark grey tones of the rock, helping to give strength, this time, however, to the whole image, and in a balanced way.

I think that without that cloud I would never have taken this photograph. The clouds free the sky. That’s why I like them. If they don’t come, no problem. It will be for the next time. The mountains do not run away. Nor the sunsets.

Any consideration or experience regarding this topic will be welcome in the comments. Thank you

Brenta Dolomites ( Trentino, Italy)
December 7th, 2016. Around 04,00 pm
With Sigma sd Quattro + Sigma f.1/4 50mm DG HSM ART
LEE filter GND 0.6 soft. Upper part
© Alberto Bregani

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