Interior Design Solutions

As a Fine Art Photographer it gives me great satisfaction to work together with interior designers and architects. It is always a "win-win" combination in which the beauty of the photographs and landscapes they represent fits perfectly with the needs of both designers and, of course, customers.

In the middle, a long process of study, choice, selection of subjects, colors, shapes represented and expressed in photography. A work of close collaboration photographer designer that not only stops at the choice and size of images, but that goes as far as the search for black and white or the most suitable color that can best enhance a living room, a room, the entrance of a hotel 

Hotel Europa 4****S, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites
Project: Enhancement of the back headboards of the beds for suites, junior suites, superior rooms, entrance hotel. Large size photographs prints on  fireproof material | Dimensions min. 2.10 / 2.70cm max in width |

Large prints from high quality digital files can achieve, maintain and ensure high quality standards. With the close supervision of the Artist, they can be adapted to the various needs of the customer, giving life to magnificent, unique works of art. Fundamental will be the choice of the support or the type of frame. everything contributes to enhance both the subject and the environment. 

Private House (Switzerland), living room rendering
Project: "When the stone becomes art". Homage to the "Serpentine of the Valmalenco". Colors and signs as Art form. Three "paintings" (prints) of 2mt x 1mt framed with caisse américaine from a single photograph. | ©albertobregani

Through photography we can rediscover lost emotions, we can relive feelings we love. Whether it’s trees, waterfalls, winter landscapes, woods, streams, rocks; or even seasons that we especially love. Photography can enrich the design of a house or a hotel, but certainly it can also enrich the soul of those who observe them

Private House (Trentino, Dolomites), Master Bedroom rendering
Photograph: "Snowfall". 230 x 180cm print on a Dibond support
Project: Bring the elements of the mountain (snow, water, rocks, trees...) into a new mountain house in a widespread way: living room, master bedroom, entrance and guest room. Master bedroom original photograph here below | ©albertobregani

Those shown here are just some of the recent projects I'worked on . If you think that the interior design project you’re thinking of, starting or following, for a private home, for a hotel or even, why not, for an office, can be enriched by one or more of my photographs, feel free to get in touch with me, explaining your requirements. I’ll be more than happy to give you all the support and advice you can to make this project the best possible.

Alberto Bregani

Note: the photographs for interior design are sold and supplied in a digital format through a copyright transfer agreement.